Latest D.O.B. information

The permit application documents for 711 West End Ave. are available at the Department of Buildings online server:

Drawing from the original (rejected) application to DOB,
from the pro-construction website
PBDW's drawings, also submitted to DOB, are not online. Their original application was submitted electronically. The drawings from that rejected application were posted online (ostensibly by tenants, but on a website whose owner/originator has been deliberately hidden.) After their first DOB rejection and community outcry, PBDW moved to paper submissions.

The developers insist that they are not enlarging the existing building but instead constructing a new one (see PDF below.) In their original application, they claimed there were no existing tenants (on the logic that they are "only" constructing a new building.) With objections from the tenants and elected officials, they have now acknowledged the tenants.

The developers' claim that they are working on an unoccupied building appears to be a pre-planned use of a lapse in NYC codes. The project could not be approved under past or current code, but was submitted during a brief period when the building code was not in effect. See this post for details.

The permit applications to DOB include a smattering of upgrades and changes to the existing building. Submitting those permit requests piecemeal is viewed by some as an end-run around DOB; a tactic for preventing DOB from considering the large-scale project as a whole.