Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Email the LPC: Include PS75 in W.E.A. Historic District!

On June 23rd, the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission will decide whether to extend the West Side Historic District all the way up West End Avenue. The blocks around 95th and 96th Streets are slated for intensive development over the next few years, and unprotected blocks are at the mercy of a hot market.

PS75's block was initially included in the Historic District as a matter of course -- but was suddenly withdrawn just as the hearing is about to go forward. The PS75 community is asking the LPC to put it back into the historic district.

To add your voice, email the LPC here.

Honorable Meenakshi Srinivasan, Chair
New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission
Municipal Building
1 Centre Street, 9th Floor, North
New York, NY 10007

June 9, 2015

Dear Chair Srinivasan,

As parents of the PTA at PS 75, the Emily Dickinson School, on the block from 95th - 96th from West End Avenue to Riverside Drive, we are very concerned about the recent exclusion of the school's block from Riverside-West End Historic District Ext ll. This decision goes against the careful recommendations of the former Landmarks Commission four years ago, and opens the block to speculators and developers who will be able to make arbitrary and drastic changes to the block with less oversight.  This will directly affect our school, the wonderful streetscape of the neighborhood, and interrupt the flow of the designation of West End Avenue.

It appears that this block is being designated for development in the future by your organization, a complete turn-around from the previous Commission's decision to maintain the integrity of the area. By adding the block back into the proposal, the LPC will help safeguard against developers whose concerns may be contrary to the well being of the school, residents, and the overall beauty and aesthetic feel of the neighborhood.

Please consider these issues when making your decision.  PS 75 and the PTA are not against development.  But opening up the floodgates to uncertain real estate ventures that permit less regulation or input by the community will result in a degradation of the neighborhood.

In light of all the above, we hope that Landmark and Preservation Commission will consider us, our children, the well being of the neighborhood and choose to include the 95th - 96th from West End Avenue to Riverside Drive  back into the Westside Historic District Ext ll.

Sincerely yours,
The PTA and Parents of PS 75